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You Love Your Business, But Can Anyone See It?
If Not, Then You Need to Moogle it!

Moogle is a small family run business with decades of experience in geeky web stuff 🙂

We appreciate just how important it is to get your website seen, having needed to solve that issue for our own websites.  So we decided to pass on our experience, and help small and local businesses to rank their sites on Google and the other search engines, to give them a fighting chance for survival in this ever changing, challenging environment.

Our business model is simple.  We offer some key services, such as SEO and Social Media Marketing, and we have monthly packages as well as individual, 'one off' offers.

For us to provide you with our SEO service, you will be billed monthly in advance, and you're not tied in.  So if you no longer want us to keep you on the first page of Google (which is unlikely once you start :-)), then you just let us know, and stop paying.  Simple.

Are Your Competitors Above You on Google?
Then You Need to Moogle It!

seo moogle medicine tinWhere does your website appear on Google for the keywords that you need to rank for?

Are your competitors sitting comfortably above you, claiming the lion's share of the internet traffic?  Banking cash from clients that could have been yours?

Then why not let us give your site a little Moogle Medicine?


At Moogle we provide natural SEO care for your website.  All 'white hat', and just how Google likes it.  We focus on quality content, compliant web design, and usability, among other factors, in order to raise your site in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).percentage of clicks on google at top

This image from Chitika, published on demonstrates that search results on page 1 of Google get over 90% of the the clicks.

In other words, if you're NOT on page might as well not be online.

Where are you for the keywords that matter?  Do you know the keywords that would most benefit your business?  We do 🙂

Imagine how different YOUR business could be if you dominated the first page of results on Google.

We offer safe and natural, but hugely effective Search Engine Optimisation for your website, on a simple rolling monthly contract.  You pay up front on month 1, and then each month that you renew, we carry out another month's worth of prime Moogle SEO magic.

If for some reason you no longer want to enjoy that magic, you are free to leave.  Whenever you want.  Easy in - Easy out.  But, we have a sneaky suspicion that once you're in, you will definitely want to stay! 🙂

You're Busy Running Your Business, Let
Us Handle Your Social Media For You...


facebook fanpages for local businesssocial media services moogleWe all know we should be Tweeting, posting, pinning and who knows what! 🙂

But seriously?  Come on.  You need to run your business right?  Often you know you should be attending to your Social Media Marketing, but your business comes first right?

No matter what level you're at, we can help you.

Do you need a Facebook Fanpage for your business?  We can build that for you.  We can design the header cover image, we can set the whole thing up, and manage your posts for you.

A Summary of our Services
So What Exactly Is It We Do?

We Help You Get Found on Google...

You may have read, or heard that Google has made some pretty big changes to it's "algorythms" over the last few years.  This has had a dramatic impact on the search results, with many sites sinking from the first page to up to 10 pages down the rankings

Does your site need some Moogle Magic?  Then fill in our short online form and we'll come back to you with an irresistible, affordable proposal that will get your site in front of your potential customers.

"Yes! I want to be found on page 1 of Google!"

Get Your SEO Review Now!

Yes I Want Some Moogle Magic Please!

And we want to give you some Moogle Magic!  Just complete the details below.  If you don’t have a website yet, just put NO WEBSITE in the URL box 🙂

We value your privacy and would never spam you

Social Media Marketing
Moogle Medicine

We Take Care of Your Social Media Marketing...

While you do what you do best...running your business, why not let us deal with your Social Media Marketing for you?  It's one of those nagging things that you know you should be doing, but it only happens in fits and starts, right?  Or not at all 🙂

Fill in the form below to request a free Social Media Marketing review, and we'll come back to you with a keen proposal.

Get Your Social Media Review Now!

Yes I Want Some Moogle Magic Please!

And we want to give you some Moogle Magic!  Just complete the details below.  If you don’t have a website yet, just put NO WEBSITE in the URL box 🙂

We value your privacy and would never spam you

We Make Funky Videos With Your Logo....

Another Moogle Magic Potion - our Logovids are guaranteed to give your business an instant lift!  We have a lot of styles for you to choose from 🙂

NEW! Discounted Bundle Packages For Your Business...

Mini Moogle Level
£199Per Month
  • ✓ Full Site Search Engine Optimisation Review
  • ✓ Weekly Dose of Moogle SEO Medicine
  • ✓ Weekly Wand Wave of Moogle SEO Magic
  • ✓ Monthly Update of Google Ranking for Agreed Keywords
Help Me!

+ £99.00 One Off Set Up Fee

Massive Moogle Level
£995.00Per Month
  • ✓ YouTube Channel Set Up
  • ✓ Monthly Professional Corporate Video Creation & Upload to Channel
  • ✓ New LogoVid Intro Video With Your Logo
  • ✓ YouTube Moogle Magic SEO Wand Waving - to Rank Your Videos on YouTube & Google
  • ✓ Monthly Website Content Updates / Blog Posts
Really Help Me!